Stuff I Want To Manifest : To Live As Juicy As A Succulent

3x3 Manifest Card + Magical Power Object

Stuff I Want To Manifest: To Live As Juicy As A Succulent


definition: (n.) 1. Abundant of juice. Juicy. 2. Rich in desirable qualities, stimulating, interesting, desirable. 3. Affording mental nourishment. $. Able to exist in arid or salty conditions by using water stored in its fleshy tissues. 


Each 3 x 3 package comes with a manifesting card and instructions on how to manifest, plus a super attractor Magical Power Object to carry with you or pin to your vision board to make it come true. You can keep it all together in the bag or carry the Magical Power Object in your purse or pocket separately!

Slip it into greeting cards, gifts, pockets or purses.
Attach it to your vision board, mirror or altar.
Magical Power Object may vary*

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