Stuff I Want To Manifest Greeting Card - A Visit From The Orgasm Fairy

Manifest Greeting Card + Charm

So Cool!!!! The Stuff I Want to Manifest greeting cards are a card and gift in one! The outside of this 4.5 x 6.25 (A6) card has a luxurious soft-touch velvet-feel finish and UV spot gloss details. There is a Stuff I Want to Manifest package affixed to the front of the card (with removable glue dots) so that the recipient of the card can leave it intact or remove it and take the "magical power object" (charm) out. (Leave it in place when mailing). On the back of the card, it gives the recipient directions for How To Manifest. Colorful blank interior.

GREETING CARD FANATIC, LIKE ME!? deserve a discount…

1-5 Cards $6.95 each

6-11 Cards $5.25 each

12-24 Cards $5.00 each

25-48 Cards $4.75 each

okay to mix and match any style of greeting card

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