Open the metal tin slider lid and use your finger or a Q-tip to apply them to your skin or hair. You can rub the excess wax into the palm of your hands, cover your nose and inhale the fragrance. The moisture of the oils is very healthy and hydrating. 

The Warm Human Essential Oil Solid Balms are applied externally (never ingest them - do NOT put them on your LIPS). Ideally, put them on the palms, hands, wrists, arms, chest, legs, feet and hair. The coconut and sweet almond oils are very nourishing and hydrating to the skin and hair. It leaves a nice shine and scent on the hair. Never use them internally, and avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and intimate areas. 

Absolutely! Your hair will love the rich, hydrating coconut and sweet almond oil, which could possibly give it some extra protection and shine. Every time your head emits some heat (like when you are in the gym or yoga), or a breeze passes by - you will love catching a whiff of your signature blend...all there to remind you to glow and grow!

You can use these formulas liberally on your body. Use as much or as little as you like. 

You can use these balms at anytime. There are single scents and blends that are beneficial to use for different occasions like: when you want to relax or go to sleep, at the gym or yoga class, during work or while you are on a project that you need help focusing on. There are libido enhancing scents that great for date night, and some are great for combating depression or anxiety. We've added many of the features and benefits to each oil to use in a general guide included in each box. We suggest doing your own research and experimenting. 

There are no true rules here, we suggest using your nose and intuition! If you visit our page on how to create your own blend, you'll discover that we have 3 suggestions:  1. Use the perfumer's trick of mixing a Top, Middle and Base note... we've put symbols and call outs on our packaging and tin labels. 2. Choose scents by the emotional benefits that each oil provides (listed on the packaging, tin labels and on our website). 3. Follow some recipes we've put on the site, or what you may find out there on the internet super highway.

The extra advice here is simply choose what smells good to YOU, and have fun experimenting.

With essential oils, you will get the emotional and maybe physical benefits when you first smell them. Some oils - typically citrus scents and top notes, are strong when they go on, but disappear quicker than middle and base notes (like spice, herbal and wood scents). We also become a little "nose blind" after wearing a fragrance...we loose the ability to smell ourselves. Someone else might say "you smell amazing" well after you can't smell yourself anymore. 

Yes! We've made it so easy for you!  We've blended pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into our carrier base of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and a vegan-friendly, vegetable wax base. Totally safe, totally simple! You can create a blend directly on your skin.

Typically, there are a lot of steps to creating a skin-safe essential oil blend, you would have had to purchase liquid essential oils separately, find a carrier oil and put drops of oil into it and mix it before applying it directly. There are a number of liquid essential oils that are wonderful to use in a diffuser, but too strong or potentially toxic when used in higher concentration directly on the skin. 

Everyone is different, and our chemistry can vary. So, as with all products that go on your skin, it is best to do a small patch test to make sure it works well for YOU. If you experience any discomfort or irritation please discontinue use. 

We're so happy you asked! These collectible containers are adorable and fun to repurpose...they are little mini works-of-art. They make a great container for pills, vitamins, coins or even love notes!

Some oils are safe, and others should not be used while pregnant or nursing. To be on the safe side we ALWAYS recommend checking with your doctor BEFORE using them if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, please check with your doctor if you have allergies or skin sensitivites. 

Please keep these perfume balms in a cool, dry environment, and avoid direct heat and sunlight. If the container is left open the wax and oils can oxygenate and turn the oils bad. Please keep the containers shut while not using them. 

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