These days I am mostly curious about what it means to live as a Warm Human...walking through this world with equal measures of strength and kindness. I believe that being nestled right in between the words strength & kindness is my happy place. I grew up as a "nice girl" which has served me well, but as I've matured I realize there is a valuable difference between "nice" and "kind". Today, I prefer kind. While nice is very pleasing to others, it requires outside validation, AND you can end up doing things that deplete your energy/vibrancy and ignore self-care simply in the name of pleasing others. Not so great. Not so healthy. But KIND is a richer, voluptuous term that has felt more honest to embrace. Kind is about being respectful. Honest, compassionate, and respectful, to both yourself and others. I love that. That feels really good. 

I often say, "just be a cool human." But the reason I chose "warm" human was because of what I read in the definition of Warm, which among other things implies... intimate, approachable, showing feelings for, interested in, engaged, kindness, affection, taking action. I want a life that feels warm. I want relationships with people that feel warm. I want to give that warmth back. 

The word Human, to me, implies a peacefulness around imperfection...which inspires the freedom to move, to try and to grow...to simply begin from where you are with what you have. It's enough. You're enough. You don't need to be more or have more before it's possible for you to make a difference or a change. I've spent many years as a so-called perfectionist and had no idea because I've never expected other people or situations to be perfect. It wasn't until a therapist suggested I was one, which made me burst out laughing and say, "Oh no, not ME, I'm the FURTHEST thing in the world from being a perfectionist - I don't do ANYTHING perfectly." She smiled warmly and said, "that is exactly what a perfectionist would say." Who knew. Ha! Anyway, the awareness feels like freedom.

AND Human also implies connection. As humans we are all connected; more alike than not. We are part of the same race. We share the same emotions, we love, we care, we're troubled at times, we fear, we have hopes and dreams, and so many of our life stories share the same theme, but with different characters. It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, what skin or hair color you have, it doesn't matter what sex you are or who you love. It doesn't matter what continent you live on or come from. We are all here on this planet together, and we need to care for each other.

To me, a Warm Human walks through this world with Strength & Kindness. Those two characteristics are powerful allies. The strongest people I know and the leaders I have been most inspired to follow have possessed both of those qualities simultaneously. Strength without kindness seems broken or blind somehow. It misses the point or becomes more about ego. Being kind and respectful IS a strength. Together, they have the ability to inspire, bring out the best in others and move people.

That is the passion behind this brand. These products are love letters to whomever they resonate with. Each one created with a whisper that says, "you are amazing, trust yourself, you've got this." More than anything I want to empower and inspire people to keep that strength, respect, compassion, and kindness alive inside themselves, and be so lit up with it that they can't help but share it with the world. 

It's my turn to put something good out into the world.

Love, Lisa 




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