Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Greeting card

Luxury Soft-touch + Gloss details + Metallic Card

 Your definition of a beautiful life is your own.

Sometimes we THINK we know the perfect way or path to get somewhere. We map it all out, we make a plan... and then SURPRISE - a curve ball of some kind. This card reminds us to remember that in the end, when you look back at your life, it might not have gone according to plan (how annoying) but it MIGHT turn out better than expected. This is a great card for someone taking off on their next adventure...a new relationship, business, bucket list item.. or for someone who has recently experienced a bump in their own road...it's okay. it will all be more than okay. In the end, it will become your own version of a beautiful life.

This new line of greeting cards is called Ink + Soul is all heart and guts. It's written in the voice of your best friend...the one who knows you + knows how amazing + capable you are. The outside of this 4.5 x 6.25 ( A6 ) card looks and feels luxe and personal. You will love the luxurious soft-touch velvet-feel finish and UV spot gloss details. The alcohol art style is beautiful and a striking compliment to the fresh, honest, and empowering words. Each luxe card comes with a beautiful metallic envelope. Discount when you buy 6 or more cards!

GREETING CARD FANATIC, LIKE ME!?...you deserve a discount…(it's okay to mix and match designs/styles)

1-5 Cards $5.50 each

6-11 Cards $5.25 each

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25-48 Cards $4.75 each

100+ $4.50 each

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