You're In the Thick of It Greeting card

Luxury Soft-touch + Gloss details + Metallic Card

This card is perfect for your bestie who is going through their messy middle (or maybe this a great reminder to yourself). You can't save them, but you can hold their hand while they are going through it. 

Sometimes it's counter-productive and not helpful to make someone feel like they need to get through this phase they are in...this is especially true during different phases of grief. Sometimes it's important to be there and feel it, really feel it. Instead of numbing it, rushing past it, ignoring it...throwing some toxic positivity at it. The sun WILL come agin, and things WILL get better. We know that. But right now it's just tough. Sometimes it IS the best you can do. 

To reach out to someone while they are in this phase (and all they want to do is retreat) is exceptionally loving. You're saying, I see you in all of your brokenness and I love you. You don't need to be perfect for me to love you.

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This new line of greeting cards is called Ink + Soul is all heart and guts. It's written in the voice of your best friend...the one who knows you + knows how amazing + capable you are. The outside of this 4.5 x 6.25 ( A6 ) card looks and feels luxe and personal. You will love the luxurious soft-touch velvet-feel finish and UV spot gloss details. The alcohol art style is beautiful and a striking compliment to the fresh, honest, and empowering words. Each luxe card comes with a beautiful metallic envelope. Discount when you buy 6 or more cards and an even bigger discount when you buy 12 or more!

You will probably want to keep some of these for yourself…sound yourself with reminders of things that speak to your soul.

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1-5 Cards $5.50 each

6-11 Cards $5.25 each

12-24 Cards $5.00 each

25-48 Cards $4.75 each

100+ $4.50 each

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copyright 2023  Lisa Christine Warm Human Ink + Soul, no reprint without permission. 


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