Book: Passion Without Apology - by Lisa Mazurek

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Never underestimate the power of a sexy coffee table book! 

Warm Human founder, Lisa, wrote a book called Passion Without Apology. 

Inside this hard-bound book of sexiness is:

  • 74 pages of inspiration, with titles like:

           Passion Without Apology​

           Wet Panties Have No Brains

           Do You Really Want to Get Turned On?

           The Orgasm Fairy

           Hot & Bothered

           Fumbling Toward Ecstasy 


           Orgasms Shmorgasms

           Shaken Not Stirred

           Get Wet

           ....and more...

  • More than a dozen different perspectives on love, lust and being present
  • Over 36 images to light up your libido, but not in a cheesy overt way
  • A decent number of curse words hidden throughout
  • Excellent usage of cool fonts
  • Not suitable for children
  • No nudity

How this book came about....

"The truth is, I spent over two decades specifically trying to understand what turned people on. "

I was a buyer and seller of romantic books, accessories, and things that may very well tickle one's fancy. I was in the wholesale distribution part of the romance industry and it was fascinating. It was my job (get this...) to learn about everything sexy...the what's, the whys, and the where-does-that-go's. I learned so much about people, and what moved and motivated them, sexual chemistry and energy, fantasies and taboos...connection and deep, profound love. One of the most valuable things I learned was that while BEAUTY might be one of the first things to interest and seduce you... it is also, totally subjective (beauty IS in the eye of the beholder)...and secondly, more than physical beauty it is the ENERGY between people that creates authentic passion. This book is like a night of appetizers...bites, and tastes of all of those things. It's real, honest and it won't tell you what is sexy - but instead, it will inspire you to answer that for yourself and find ways to create energy. After devouring it, I hope you feel open and free, I hope your curiosity is peaked and your heart is a little bigger.

​I think it will appeal to people who are interested in living passionately, and tired of apologizing or shrinking back who they authentically are. It can be a messy journey, but ohhhhhhh my, what an exciting ride it will be! 

For the past several decades, I’ve woke up nearly every day loving and feeling very proud of what I do for a living. I passionately believe it is good work in the world. Every cell in my body knows why I do what I do.

About the Author: 
Life by the sea in a comfy little cottage is my happy place. My list of loves includes: travel! travel! travel! Funky artisans and hand-made creations, the marriage of words on objects, rich intimate conversations, relaxed candle-lit dinner parties with friends, a really good hug, the use of clever language, an intelligent dirty sense of humor, being around someone playing acoustic guitar, good movies, laughing until it hurts, having my heart moved to tears while witnessing acts of human kindness & generosity, animals (especially dogs!), surprises, passion in many forms, hedonistic pleasures, modern conveniences, the shape of a mermaid, the scent of the ocean around a campfire. I’m highly amused by eccentric, unfiltered people with strong personalities. I dig hanging out with compassionate, open-minded, self-reflective people. 

Patience with technology is not a virtue of mine. I kiss better than I cook, but I set a mean table. I have a knack for killing vacuums – so far the Dyson has survived, but it is beginning to show signs of disgust and wanting to hurl itself violently against the wall if I touch it again. I wish I were more mysterious but have no poker face whatsoever, I try, but my Monalisa smile self-destructs in 10 seconds. I know the dark side of perfectionism, intimately, and it’s not pretty.

I can not stand false, rude, arrogant, close-minded, mean-spirited people, and I never spend time with anyone I know to be cruel. I despise being tickled. Two of the worst sounds in the world to me are listening to people eat crunchy food, and the sound of...well, it's really just the sound of people eating.



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