Warm Human...…this is my tribe, and where I want to live, learn, grow and contribute…

by Lisa Mazurek October 15, 2017

Warm Human...…this is my tribe, and where I want to live, learn, grow and contribute…

The term warm human tumbled around in my brain and mouth for a while before I wrote it on paper. It haunted me, but in a good way, like a craving. It just felt sooooo good, right, and most of all it seemed to resonate with where my soul wanted to live.


After a bit I tried to put it into words:


You see it, but most of all you feel it when you meet a Warm Human. They have a true strength and presence about them, but at the same time, they have a kindness in their eyes or a smile that might come easy. Whatever it is, they seem to evoke an effortless sense of warmth and acceptance that feels like a hug.


Warm Humans have this amazing way of making you feel seen, and better yet...as possibly the best version of yourself. It’s as if your value and worth are so apparent it goes without question in their eyes. Maybe it is the direct eye contact or the way they are simply open, or even delighted, to learn who you are and what you are all fired up about in life. …without their own agenda anywhere in sight.


Happy, content, yet perhaps not overly perky, you can tell they dwell more often where positivity lives. A deliberate choice in perspective...choosing to see the best in all people and all things.


Warm Humans embody equal measures of self-confidence and humbleness.

It is the type of strength that comes from embracing reality…the imperfections and utter humanness of life, and maybe most importantly, from recognizing their gratitude for the journey. They are most definitely strong, have clear boundaries, and have learned to blame no one else for where they are in life. Whatever has happened is a lesson or an opportunity…there’s no other way to look at it. They radiate grace and self-respect, toward both themselves and everyone else…without exception.


This is my tribe, and where I want to live, learn, grow, and contribute.

I’m not 100% sure what that will look like. I mostly have an idea of what it will feel like, or what I would like it to feel like. I think I have a lot of learning to do about the HOW-part…and that’s okay, it’s a fine place to begin.

Lisa Mazurek
Lisa Mazurek

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