Even Unicorn's Get Lost ; The Best Gift We Can Give a Friend Is a Reminder of Who She Is When She Forgets.

by Lisa Mazurek September 14, 2018

Even Unicorn's Get Lost ; The Best Gift We Can Give a Friend Is a Reminder of Who She Is When She Forgets.

You know her better than anyone. Her good, her bad and her ugly…and to YOU, she’s the real deal, the bomb, she’s a freakin' unicorn. Seriously, what’s not to love!? But sometimes, our favorite mythical creatures lose their sparkle and forget who they are. They lose their way and get a bit lost. You know it's temporary, she thinks it's forever. What do you do?

I think it’s the BFF’s job to slip on a pair of super view BFF glasses that can see right through whatever sad sob story she is telling herself at the moment, Fake News, sister!  you remind her. 

All the light, passion and goodness at the core of us; our soul, never actually disappears. Sometimes, though, it can be a little hard to see... like a light bulb covered in mud. It's still there, we just need to dust it off. 

Being a good friend isn’t telling your girl what to do, or what YOU think will make HER happy. Sometimes, it’s just about listening... actively listening, then asking the questions that go below the surface to help her figure out what is really, really going on. Deep down she has the answers. Help her by giving her the space to listen to her intuition and trust herself. Cheer her on when she practices saying her truth out loud. Speaking up, and saying things out loud makes us stronger.

Just like she's there for you, you're there to let her know you have faith in her strength and ability to work through this and anything else that might come her way, "you've got this, mama." Your job as the BFF will always be reminding her who she is when she forgets.


This, more than almost anything, was the purpose of creating the Warm Human line. I wanted to create something we could find our soul in...something that strengthened our internal (and hopefully external) voices, our intentions and direction...something to bring us back to who we want to be, and enhance the best version of ourselves possible.

I've met a ton of incredibly strong and graceful women throughout my life; full of confidence and positivity, and that just kind of glow....and I remember thinking to myself, "wow! she is like my spirit animal! I love how she is with people, I love how she treats herself...I want to walk through the world like HER!" Standing there in awe, I would begin to wonder if some people are just born that way? Do I even have a chance? Because surely this confident, graceful creature has probably NEVER felt as lost, broken or confused as I have sometimes.

Spoiler alert: She has. What she knows, can be learned.

In fact, ALL strong people we admire have had a moment, or moments, or even periods of time where they've lost the plot, lost themselves, don't feel confident and forget how badass they are. It's okay. At this point in my life, I've learned that is simply part of being human, AND being a strong human. 

I think the trick is surrounding yourself with good people who know your soul and inspire you to be your best self...and also taking the opportunity, yourself, to utilize ANY tool that comes your way and helps you hear your inner compass better. We should all keep trying different things until we have our own set of personal growth power tools! 

Lisa Mazurek
Lisa Mazurek

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