You're So Money Abundance Super Set Gift Box

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Give someone the best gift in the world to make them smile and feel inspired!

This superset includes a 4oz Mindfulness Spray for moods, bodies, rooms, and more, plus an essential oil solid perfume that includes a free aromatherapy guide inside (over 800+ applications), a Stuff I Want To Manifest card with instructions on how to manifest with a magical power object inside, plus a surprise free gift. Everything comes in a Warm Human box and colorful shredded paper.

If you'd like us to add a note to someone you love, please add it to the notes during checkout, and we will print it out and include it. 

You're So Money is the blend you want when you are trying to manifest abundance in love, money, success anywhere in your life. 

Front of the label: I'm a big-time, magic manifester and my goals are lined up with my soul. I'm blessed + grateful today that my dreams of love, success, money + abundance are on the way. 

Back of the label
The universe recognizes what a good soul you are + wants you to have it all. It knows that when people like you have more they do more good in the world. so make it rain, baby! 

You're So Money has notes of Sweet orange, frankincense, patchouli and citurs

This blend inspires people to be patient with themselves as they grow and stretch both their body and mind. It doesn't matter if this is the first time or the hundredth time... simply begin from exactly where you are in this moment with whatever you have. 

Total value over $34


*charm inside Stuff I want to manifest subject to change...but it will definitely be cute and powerful! 

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