Beautiful Mind - The Meditation Collection

3 Piece Compact Collection for Skin + Hair

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The Meditation Collection    

This calming blend is perfect for becoming extremely grounded and present. These three oils strongly enhance our sense of inner-peace, balance our emotions, and calm our body. They allow you to clear away the confusion and hear your intuition. Go ahead and ask yourself a question, put this blend on and meditate on it. The answer is bound to appear.

Apply them to your hair or skin (ideally, wrists, palms, arms, neck, legs, feet). Inhale them any time you'd like a whiff of self-confidence. 

This collection includes: 3 Warm Human Essential Oil Solids (Spiritual Gangsta, Pretty Dope Soul, and Peaceful AF), and an empty Warm Human Inspired Compact to put them in and take on the go. 

  • Lavender
  • Blue Chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • 3-Piece Empty Compact to put them into

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